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Lead retrieval is a means for capturing and follow-up of sales leads generated at an event, trade show, or conference. The information contained in the barcode or badge ID number is tied to a registration database. When a badge is scanned, the information is collected digitally to help an exhibitor build a list of qualified prospects at live events, typically trade shows. Lead retrieval captures attendees' full registration data – it often includes purchasing authority, buying timeline, company size, and other useful data.


  • Each Visitor would have a unique encrypted QR Code which will be printed when his badge is printed.
  • Each Exhibitor can download the free Lead Retrieval App from the respective Android / iOS store and get the activation key by subscription.
  • Exhibitor can now scan each visitor coming to the stall and can capture in details the entire lead along with specific comments.
  • Exhibitor can also give his rating to the visitor – with stars so that this lead can be immediately contacted.
  • Exhibitor can Export the data at the end of the day and email it to the registered email id given at the time of activation.
  • Complete secured data transfer of visitors to exhibitors.
  • Completely removes the scope of collecting visiting cards and writing in notepads.

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